Gain comprehensive insights into PCOS management through RRM and empower your practice and patients. Through this hybrid course you will explore areas including PCOS pathophysiology, diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities, and patient support strategies. With standardized assessments and insights into medical interventions and lifestyle factors, this course aims to enrich your clinical proficiency improving overall health outcomes for patients


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About the RRM approach to PCOS

Do you have patients or clients impacted by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and wish you knew how to treat them more effectively?

PCOS is an often misunderstood and under-diagnosed condition which can be a major factor in many both women’s reproductive and overall health.  Women with PCOS, especially those trying to conceive, can find the condition debilitating and overwhelming.  Medical professionals sometimes feel frustrated and ill-equipped to deal with the multi-faceted treatment approach required.  If you are a medical professional who wants to take a deep dive into understanding PCOS so you can offer a more comprehensive approach please join us!

Comprehensive PCOS Management with RRMed™

The Team at RRMed ™ is offering “An RRM Approach to PCOS (RRMaP)” as a pre-conference course at the ICSC 4 RRM 2024 in Vancouver. Our hybrid course, which offers live sessions online and in person, will give you comprehensive insights into PCOS management.

Explore PCOS pathophysiology, diagnostic approaches, treatment modalities, and patient support strategies. Utilize standardized patient screenings and assessments and gain insights into medical interventions and lifestyle factors.

This course aims to enrich your clinical proficiency and improve overall health outcomes for patients.


Materials & Methods

The course is broken into 14 modules held live in person or online. Recordings of modules will be available in the course portal if you are unable to attend live and remain available for one year. Most modules are 2 hours in length, while the foundation and fertility modules are slightly longer. Modules 3 through 9 will be conducted at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver as a preconference to IIRRM’s annual meeting and include standardized patients and an illustrative genetic case study for practical application to practice.

This course is complemented by a course portal with clinical tools, assessment templates, readings, and session replays of each module.

Brief knowledge assessments accompany each module.  The course is accredited for a total of  55 CME credits through the AAFP, through a combination of live learning and online (self-paced) activites.


Course Faculty

Volodymyr Artyomenko, MD, PhD, DSc (Med).
Maria Bizečki, BSP, ACPR, CFCP,CFCPhC.
Phil Boyle, MD.
Kathleen Copeland, MSPH.
Ulrika Drevniok, RN(C), MScA
Mary Ellen Haggerty, MD.
Lynn Keenan, MD, FAASM.
Kevin McCarthy, MD, CFCMC.
Tracey Parnell, MD, MSM.
Carolyn Plican, FCP.
Craig Turczynski, PhD.
Maria Wolfs, MD, MHSc., FRCPC.

Course Dates

Online: July 13, 2024
August 7 & 8, 2024 – in person with video-conference option
Online: Sept. 21, 2024 
Online: Oct. 19, 2024


Mission of RRMed ™

RRMed ™ aspires to train a new generation of clinicians in restorative reproductive medicine, advancing the standard of care and impacting millions of lives.

Our vision is a world where reproductive health is prioritized, and where compassionate, skilled clinicians can help patients overcome obstacles to start families or overcome debilitating symptoms of underlying disease and dysfunction.

Pricing & Registration

As a special deal for IIRRM’s 20th RRM Congress the entire course is being offered at a discount (until August 11) from the regular price.  Discounted registration is reflected below.  IIRRM Members save more with up to $300 off registration. For more information about IIRRM and becoming a member, click here.